Released 07/02/2017
0004481: [Compilation/Build] Compilation in Mac OS X (greebo)
0004467: [GUI] Clicking Entity Pane Columns Messes Up Spawnarg Order (greebo)
0004468: [Map Editing] Ability to scale models (greebo)
0002753: [Models] Support for shift/scale/rotation keywords of ASE model (greebo)
0004443: [Map Editing] Make rotation manipulator's pivot point moveable (greebo)
0004464: [Compilation/Build] Making all in install/i18n fails when gettext binaries are missing (greebo)
0004469: [Compilation/Build] Tons of g++ 6.2 compiler warnings (greebo)
0004471: [Map Editing] DarkRadiant crashes when "Load last map" option is active (greebo)
0004472: [Map Editing] Worldspawn is not saved as Entity 0 in some scenarios (greebo)
0004475: [GUI] You should be able to snap rotation origin to grid (greebo)
0004479: [Map Editing] Readable Editor not marking the map as modified after hitting "Save and Close" (greebo)
0004480: [GUI] Readable Editor refusing to save xdata file if fs_game is set to an absolute path (greebo)
0004450: [GUI] Sound Chooser doesn't preselect the shader when editing a s_shader spawnarg (greebo)
0004322: [Design/Coding] Problem Playing Speaker Sounds in Entity Inspector Choose Sound Dialog. (greebo)
0004452: [GUI] Add indicator to Layer Dialog to show whether anything in the current selection is part of this layer (greebo)
0004453: [GUI] Add Layer Usage Breakdown tab to Map Info Dialog (greebo)
0004454: [GUI] Crash in S/R ClassEditor when right-clicking a Response (Linux) (greebo)
0004455: [GUI] Crash when closing S/R editor in Linux (greebo)
0004456: [Design/Coding] Crash during shutdown due to resources still held by S/R module (greebo)
0004457: [Design/Coding] Startup warning "unable to create settings path" in Linux (greebo)
0004035: [GUI] Stim/Response Editor partly doesn't work, also crashes DarkRadiant (greebo)
0004360: [General] crash in boost::phyton (greebo)
0004458: [GUI] Layer submenu items in OrthoContextmenu not working in wxGTK (greebo)
0004459: [Map Editing] Rare crash opening Texture Tool (greebo)
0004460: [Design/Coding] Rewrite MenuManager implementation (greebo)
0004461: [Compilation/Build] Crash at startup in std::string constructor (g++ 5.3) (greebo)
0004462: [GUI] LayerControlDialog's Hide/Show All button is not graying out correctly (greebo)
0004377: [GUI] Conversation Editor GUI Improvement (greebo)
0004444: [Map Editing] Colour of grouped objects should be customisable (greebo)
0004445: [Map Editing] Removing worldspawn from the map prevents new brushes from being drag-created (greebo)
0004447: [Design/Coding] Crash due to concurrent XMLRegistry accesses from multiple threads (greebo)
0004448: [GUI] Add option to validate that Conversation actors are existing in the map (greebo)
0002303: [Design/Coding] Measurement tool for distance (greebo)
0004366: [Compilation/Build] Linux './configure' script WARNING (greebo)
0004421: [Compilation/Build] Linux build failure (greebo)
0004449: [Design/Coding] Build failure on Arch Linux (greebo)
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