Released 21/06/2009
0000529: [Map Editing] Lights with model-property set should show the model in the editor (greebo)
0001338: [Design/Coding] Cannot rotate func_emitter entities along all 3 axises (greebo)
0001760: [GUI] SkinChooser too large on dual monitor setup (greebo)
0001763: [GUI] Sound Chooser too large on MultiMonitor setup (greebo)
0001770: [Models] "inherit" keyword on modeldefs doesn't allow to override "mesh" keyword (greebo)
0001794: [Map Editing] multiple entities named ... bug (greebo)
0001808: [GUI] Add Script Input Window to Groupdialog (greebo)
0001816: [GUI] Sound Shaders should be listed under their mod folders (greebo)
0001827: [GUI] Entity Inspector not updating the spawnargs after Undo Operation (greebo)
0001828: [Design/Coding] Remove home-grown container classes (and replace with STL counterparts) (greebo)
0000954: [GUI] "Open map" window is way too big on a dual-monitor setup, DR doesn't remember when I make it smaller. (greebo)
0000982: [Design/Coding] libxml2 warnings and errors during shutdown (greebo)
0001682: [GUI] Entity Inspector entry fields can obscure the Group Dialog's tabs (orbweaver)
0001685: [GUI] EntityChooser is too big on Dual-Monitor setups (greebo)
0001713: [Map Editing] Patch Inspector Coordinates changes don't count as map modification (greebo)
0001667: [GUI] Shaders and Models counts on Map Info (greebo)
0001743: [GUI] Models list, sort folders to top (greebo)
0001664: [GUI] snd_* fields should utilitize the 'Choose Sound' UI (greebo)
0001712: [Map Editing] Create bevels upright? (greebo)
0000332: [Map Editing] Option to fix origin when resizing lights (greebo)
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