Released 09/03/2009
0000492: [GUI] (version 0.9.5 pre) Using Split view, open T (Texture Browser) doesn't retain size/position between DR sessions. (greebo)
0001646: [GUI] spawnarg description not show if editor_var not before setKeyValue (greebo)
0001651: [GUI] filter on prefab import selects many (greebo)
0001678: [GUI] With 9.11 pre2 texture tool and surface inspector issues (greebo)
0001681: [GUI] Objectives editor shows varied difficulty level numbers (greebo)
0001673: [Map Editing] Arrow key movement suffers from "acceleration effect" (greebo)
0001657: [General] Allow fs_game and fs_game_base to be passed by command line arguments (greebo)
0001668: [General] Crash after Game preference setting during startup (greebo)
0001669: [Design/Coding] Command System to allow for entering console commands (greebo)
0001670: [Design/Coding] Scripting Interface (greebo)
0000094: [GUI] Redesign Mainframe Layout Handling (greebo)
0000341: [GUI] Copy, Cut and Paste properties. (greebo)
0001642: [GUI] Prefab filename being dragged after click (greebo)
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