Released 27/11/2021
0005613: [GUI] Show shared keyvalues when multiple entities are selected (greebo)
0005705: [Map Editing] "Replace Selection with exported Model" should preserve spawnargs (greebo)
0005706: [GUI] Surface Inspector's minimum width is too large (greebo)
0005746: [Map Editing] Texture Tool Improvements (greebo)
0005801: [GUI] Applying a skin to a model entity no longer works under 2.14pre1 (greebo)
0005807: [GUI] Texture Tool crashes when creating a new brush (greebo)
0005808: [Saving and loading] Crash when saving map or prefab without a file extension (greebo)
0005810: [GUI] Objective components not correctly renumbered after removing a component (greebo)
0005813: [GUI] Spawnarg types and tooltips not reliably inherited in entityDefs (greebo)
0005814: [GUI] Spawnarg type icon not shown for inherited properties (greebo)
0005824: [GUI] 2.14pre2: Spawnarg field should not be changed when selection has "differing values" (greebo)
0005799: [GUI] Texture Tool: dragged vertices snap to grid even though it's switched off (greebo)
0005547: [GUI] Bring texture coordinates closer to 0,0 (greebo)
       0005773: [Map Editing] Improve Texture Locked brush transformations (greebo)
0005128: [Map Editing] Texture Tools: rotate function (greebo)
0005408: [Design/Coding] All scene graphs connect to the same undo system, causing interference (greebo)
0005745: [GUI] Search function: don't start searching while still typing (greebo)
0005753: [GUI] XY view zoom around cursor (duzenko)
0005775: [Map Editing] Surface Inspector: Option to change horizontal and vertical scale values proportionally (greebo)
0005783: [Map Editing] EntityInspector allows to set an entity's name to an empty value (greebo)
0005785: [Map Editing] Patch Texture Rotation should take aspect ratio into account (greebo)
0005788: [GUI] Merge "Create player start" and "Move player start" options (greebo)
0005790: [GUI] Remove Floating Layout (orbweaver)
0005791: [GUI] MediaBrowser toolbar: clear filter text when texture is selected through MMB or Texture Browser (greebo)
0005794: [Documentation] 2.14pre1: User Guide (Local) doesn't work (greebo)
0005800: [GUI] Choose a sound behavour changed under 2.14pre1 (greebo)
0005797: [GUI] "Texture tool" grid cannot decrease under 1 (greebo)
0005731: [GUI] Texture Tool: UI contrast (greebo)
0005732: [GUI] Texture Tool: intercept keystrokes for grid resizing & snap to grid (greebo)
0005750: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Grid lines are getting too dense when zooming out a lot (greebo)
0002272: [Map Editing] Prevent Texture Tool "face jump" on rescaling textures (greebo)
0004584: [GUI] Drag-select while in texture tool window gets stuck. (greebo)
0005588: [Design/Coding] Separate UI-related and core module interface headers (greebo)
0005633: [Map Editing] Apply textures to surfaces using "normalized" scaling. (greebo)
0005710: [Saving and loading] Q3 Legacy BrushDef parser sometime produce some wrong texture rotation (greebo)
0005723: [GUI] modelDefs folder starts expanded after changing selection (greebo)
0005728: [GUI] Skin Chooser: show materials on the model (greebo)
0005733: [GUI] Texture Tool: use aspect ratio of material (greebo)
0005734: [GUI] Surface Inspector vertical shift / vertical scale arrows (greebo)
0005735: [GUI] Move modifier hints out of the status bar (greebo)
0005736: [Renderer] Particle Editor: wireframe does not render (greebo)
0005738: [GUI] Texture Browser Filter: match multiple words (using 'AND' logic) (greebo)
0005740: [Map Editing] Step-rotating textures through the Surface Inspector should be using the center as pivot (greebo)
0005747: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: drag operation doesn't capture the mouse (greebo)
0005748: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Constrain operations to axes by holding down Shift (greebo)
0005749: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Select items by clicking the UV space they cover (greebo)
0005752: [GUI] Double click on list elements should auto-close dialogs (duzenko)
0005767: [Map Editing] Flip Texture: Prevent huge face UV coordinate translations (greebo)
0005768: [Map Editing] Adjust Surface Inspector Shift/Scale/Rotation boxes to comply with the new texturing algorithms (greebo)
0005770: [Map Editing] Some brushes change shape or disappear when rotated or duplicated (greebo)
0005771: [Map Editing] Improve pasting textures to angled faces sharing an edge (greebo)
0005774: [Map Editing] Surface Inspector: Add buttons to harmonise Horizontal and Vertical scale values (greebo)
0005776: [Map Editing] Texture Tool: Add Manipulation Panel to shift/scale/rotate selection (greebo)
0005778: [Compilation/Build] Solution / Build Dependencies Update (greebo)
0005780: [Design/Coding] Remove IDialogManager references from Map module (greebo)
0005659: [Models] Feature: automatically reload exported models (greebo)
0005687: [GUI] "Replace Selection with exported Model" assigns result to Default layer (greebo)
0005702: [GUI] Fit Texture fields do not allow values below 1.0 (orbweaver)
0005704: [Saving and loading] Brushes colour schemes not saving (orbweaver)
0005707: [Map Editing] Merge Maps: "Details" text doesn't use full width of window (greebo)
0005708: [Map Editing] Merge Maps: can't center orthoview/camera on changed entities (greebo)
0005709: [GUI] Merge Maps UI remains if DR is closed while a merge is in progress (greebo)
0005712: [Models] add IQM format support into lib/picomodel (greebo)
0005713: [Saving and loading] PatchDefExporter: do not write trailing white space after shader name (greebo)
0005717: [Models] LWO2 Model Exporter doesn't write vertex colours (greebo)
0005721: [GUI] Model Conversion UI (greebo)
0005722: [Models] Add FBX model importer (greebo)
0005725: [Map Editing] Merge Maps: can't hide changed entities/primitives (greebo)
0005729: [Saving and loading] Autosave filename unhelpfully overwrites 'save copy as' filename (greebo)
0005711: [Saving and loading] Change Quake3 map exporter to write "legacy" brush syntax (greebo)
0005741: [GUI] Model Exporter: warn if Output Format and extension in File Path don't match (greebo)
0005754: [GUI] Ctrl-S does not work when focus is on inputs (duzenko)
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