Released 14/07/2014
  • 0003652: [Map Editing] Copy/Paste map elements seems to be broken (greebo)
  • 0003644: [GUI] MD5 Anim Viewer doesn't remove models after trying to preview a missing mesh (greebo)
  • 0003650: [Map Editing] Cant save prefabs (greebo)
  • 0003718: [Scripting] Script to find missing targets (SteveL)
  • 0003628: [Map Editing] Support loading and saving maps in Quake 3 format (greebo)
  • 0003627: [Saving and loading] Save dialog should offer option to write map using different format (greebo)
  • 0003626: [GUI] Make custom bind commands valid targets for keyboard shortcuts (greebo)
  • 0003621: [GUI] Add AI Editing Panel for TDM (greebo)
  • 0003619: [Map Editing] Changing Filters is triggering an Entity List refresh even when it's hidden (greebo)
  • 0003618: [General] Game-specific settings might be picked from the wrong .game file (greebo)
  • 0002019: [General] Skin Chooser on by default (greebo)
  • 0003319: [Map Editing] xreal detal brushes (greebo)
  • 0003062: [GUI] Readable editor not accurate WYSIWYG (greebo)
  • 0003637: [Map Editing] Model Selector shows duplicate (previously selected) model after undo operation (greebo)
  • 0003638: [Selection System] Persist SelectionSets to .darkradiant file (greebo)
  • 0003639: [Map Editing] Crash when hiding two or more selected patches while PatchInspector is visible (greebo)
  • 0003641: [Selection System] Cannot drag selected child primitives when in Group Part selection mode (greebo)
  • 0003642: [Selection System] Cannot drag selected child primitives when "tabbing" through a func_static entity (greebo)
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