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Summary0001395: Minimum reaction time for searching alert
DescriptionStarted some discussion here:
but the post most pertinent to this entry is:

In short: we have grace periods and threshholds and all that good stuff that seems to work well. There is something that seems not handled by it though: the sudden exposure alert stuff, and suppressing it from going full bore. Like in Thief, when you leap out in front of a guard. Or dart across a hallway in under a second, because you had no other choice. Or if you're suddenly fullbright, BUT, you correct it immediately. In Thief, the guards would usually react and sometimes strongly, but would almost never go full alert and start looking for you on the first instance. You always had a moment, where the lightgem would show red alert, and you could say "oh shit!" and back up, and you'd be safe. This can't happen in TDM currently; full light exposure means you're busted, even if it's just a fraction of a second.

As a test, go to test/, KO the patroller, and approach the stationary guy. Get within a particular range and flash the lantern on/off quickly, once. In that 1/10 of a second you were lit, it was enough to set the AI coming after you, like he has superhuman awareness. You'd expect them to say "ah! what was... hmmm" or such, but not "I see that!" and come running right to where you are.

How to address this? I don't know, but my initial thought is to have a minimum ramp to search alert lvl (not even max), of perhaps a second or so. That distinction between thinking they've seen you, and when things get really dangerous: they decide to search. Even that's probably too short for player reflexes to fix a mistake, but we can't make it too easy.

Let's discuss in the thread?
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Fixed 0003063, so this one's also fixed.

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