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0003063The Dark ModAIpublic06.07.2020 14:17
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Target VersionTDM 1.08Fixed in VersionTDM 1.08 
Summary0003063: Ai ramp up too quickly when player is seen
Description Ai instantly go to full alert and chase player when player is seen.

 Can be pretty unforgiving gameplay, turns off noobs. Ai can see player from very long distance and draw sword and charge immediately.

 Can be hard to escape when ai draws sword immediately.

 Needs a bit of ramp up time.

 Whats that? Oh you... I'm gonna get you... then draws sword/runs, etc...
Additional Information Would be great if this could be solved by 1.08. Might be quite awhile before we see 1.09 and this can turn off players quite quickly.

 TDM is already less forgiving (on purpose) than Thief but this just compounds the issue. Makes it hard to be spotted and escape/not take damage.
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duplicate of 0001395 resolved Minimum reaction time for searching alert 
related to 0005286 confirmed Number of times seen: not increased when civilian detects player at close range 




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Changed the visibility polynomial value to match the wiki.

An AI won't see you, even in full brightness, if the distance between you is > 40m (1,575 Doom units). At that distance, you can see that someone is there, but it's difficult to tell exactly who it is. I.e. a Priest has a lot of red and a Revenant has a lot of red. So we turn the table and assume that an AI can tell you're there, but he can't see enough detail to know you're an enemy.

If an AI starts to search because he might have seen you, he no longer runs if the search point is far away. He will run toward you if he enters Combat mode and stays there. He won't enter Combat mode if farther than 20m (787 Doom units). 20m is set with a new cvar.

The AI barks something from "snd_alert1s" when starting the Combat pause. These barks are of the "huh?" variety.

Pause before fully entering Combat. Check for visibility of player after pause is finished. This gives the player a short time to duck back out of sight. The pause varies from 0.1s to 2s, depending on distance. 2s is the value used at 20m. These are hard-coded. If the AI quits Combat because he can no longer see the player after the pause, he drops back into Agitated Searching. So he will continue to walk toward where he thought he saw you.

Delayed a "player sighting" (for mission stats) until after the Combat pause is over and the AI can still see the player.

Allowed an AI to spot the player regardless of where the AI was in his hiding spot effort. If he had ramped up to AgitatedSearching, he was less likely to spot the player than if he had been in Idle State under the same circumstances.

rev. 5366:


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