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0005888The Dark ModAIpublic29.07.2022 05:44
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Summary0005888: AI alerts not always reflected in stealth status
DescriptionHaving recently installed tdm_loot_stealth_stats.pk4 (downloaded from and attached below) I have started to notice the occasional disconnect between AI alerts and the reported stealth status.

I have three reports in the forums:

1. -- spotted by a civilian, who enters panic state, but stealth score remains zero
2. (same forum) -- bumped into by guard, enters full search mode, stealth score remains zero
3. -- spotted by a guard, again stealth remains zero

In case (2) I did two further tests. First of all, I ran the game to completion, and verified that despite the guard being in full alert state I ended the game with a perfect zero stealth score! Secondly, I used `tdm_ai_showalert 1` to verify that the AI were alarmed even when the stealth score was zero.

So it looks like there is some kind of disconnect between the AI alert status and the global stealth score. It seems that if the alert stimulus is strong and brief enough the AI will go into full alert without any global record of this!
Steps To ReproduceI'm not sure yet, but it does seem to involve a brief alerting stimulus, maybe quickly dashing through the vision of a guard or bumping into them.
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duplicate of 0005286 confirmed Number of times seen: not increased when civilian detects player at close range 
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24.01.2022 15:01

reporter   ~0014689

This has been seen with various versions of 2.10-beta, most recently with 2.10-beta4.


28.01.2022 08:50

reporter   ~0014696

Had a very interesting example in The Accountant 1, in a room with a seated civilian and a torch illuminating a chest I want to visit (suspect I'll have to quench the torch, which is a supreme bust) -- he saw me, of course, went into alarm state and then ran away in panic.

The stealth status was very interesting: first of all I got a level 1 alert, which then went away, all alerts went back to zero! When I went back out, all the guards were also in alert state, he'd obviously alarmed them all.

This is completely reproducible:

    Walk into room so I can be seen, just stand there
    Score goes through three states: 1 0 0 0 1 then 0 1 0 0 2 then 0 0 0 0 0
    NPC runs away in panic


12.02.2022 16:57

reporter   ~0014721

Actually, this seems to be completely reproducible in any mission. Just get spotted briefly by a guard (don't stand there for too long). Guard goes into full alert, reported alert score remains all zeros.

Not convinced this is the same as 0005286, as I'm seeing this issue with guards as well as with civilians.


28.07.2022 17:07

developer   ~0015082

Last edited: 28.07.2022 17:08

@araneidae There's some faulty code with regards to how full detections (sightings) are added to the stealth score, as per 0005286. The conditions include:

    1) the player is visible.
        This ignores tactile alerts from bumping into an AI in darkness.
    2) the AI doesn't ignore the player with respect to stealth score
        This was a condition added to let stealth score increase only if the AI saw the player long enough to enter combat mode. However, civilians don't enter combat mode so they never stop ignoring the player.

Both of these seem to explain example (1) and (2) in this ticket, but I'm not sure what you meant by a "remote sighting" in example (3).

Also, did you notice the stealth score desync only for full detections (stealth score +5) or also for smaller alerts (stealth score +1 to +3)?


29.07.2022 05:44

reporter   ~0015089

I've not noticed this issue with high alerts ... but of course, the point is that the stealth score isn't being incremented at all.

My issue seems to be with guards spotting me for long enough to become alerted and go into search mode. On those missions with a "don't get spotted" objective this fails this particular objective. It doesn't take very long in the field of view, maybe about a second.

I've had guards walking about with sword drawn with a zero stealth score.

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