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0004222The Dark ModCodingpublic15.12.2020 11:16
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004222: Might be a Mission Stats problem with registering alerts
DescriptionLook through the code and reconcile the use of:


and the old way of doing things, which probably only involved

Additional InformationCMissionData::AlertCallback() needs to be called for the rise in alert level to be registered with the stats. It might be that this is bypassed for certain alerts.

Find out if it's this way on purpose, or does AlertCallback() need to be moved inside SetAlertLevel().
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parent of 0004950 resolvednbohr1more All scores set to Zero when 100% loot is collected in some missions 
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29.09.2015 01:54

viewer   ~0007808

Last edited: 29.09.2015 01:54

Rather than having an AI tell MissionData about alert level increases as they are happening, it would be more accurate for stats purposes to precede this line in IdleState::Init()

    owner->m_recentHighestAlertLevel = 0; // grayman 0003472

with a call to MissionData to record an 'episode' of increasing alertness.

This guarantees only one registration per 'episode' and eliminates the possibility of registering multiple times as an AI goes up and down and up and down in alert level after leaving IdleState.

Ditto for AlertIdleState::Init().



01.10.2015 11:48

viewer   ~0007827

From demagogue:

"My intuition is it could be defined in a time band. If the level is ramped up in less than maybe 3 or 5 seconds, it should count only the highest, as if it's one event.

But if it's more than that, they count separately, the logic being you were under alert and could have gotten out, but didn't, so get separate punishment.

Or more generally, after 3 seconds or so in a dynamic situation, it's more fair to call the 2 interactions separate "events"."


26.12.2015 02:39

viewer   ~0007917

Moving to 2.05 because it's a large design change which could hinder getting 2.04 out in a timely manner.


16.09.2017 18:34

viewer   ~0009261

Moving to 2.07 due to the amount of work involved.


13.12.2018 12:40

viewer   ~0010902

Moving to 2.08 for the same reason: big design change.

I'll try to get to it after 2.07 is released.


26.12.2018 07:21

developer   ~0011128

In the hopes of getting at least the loot total to render,
I went poking around with this again.

setting a static int for:

int MissionStatistics::GetFoundLootValue() const
    static int sum = 0;

in MissionStatistics will render value out of x for loot but the value
will be totally incorrect.

I tried moving up the codebase to where LOOT_COUNT is inherited from
but thus far have not been able to compile anything set to static up there.


26.10.2020 23:06

viewer   ~0012838

Removing myself as "Assigned To" because I doubt I will ever have time to work on it.

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