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0005286The Dark ModAIpublic30.01.2022 14:24
Reporterstgatilov Assigned To 
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005286: Number of times seen: not increased when civilian detects player at close range
DescriptionNumber of times seen is not increased in particular case.

I think conditions are:
1) AI is civilian (flee, not fight)
2) AI is enemy (won't consider you friend)
3) AI discovers you by sighting you immediately at a very close distance (e.g. walking from behind).
Steps To ReproduceRun the attached test map.
When it starts, the noblewoman has her back to you. Walk around so that she can see you - she will run to the flee point at the other end of the room. Now go frob the stone pillar - that will display various mission statistics. Note that numberTimesPlayerSeen, sightingScore, and stealthScore are all zero.
Additional InformationReported by joebarnin here:
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related to 0003063 resolvedgrayman Ai ramp up too quickly when player is seen 
has duplicate 0005888 new AI alerts not always reflected in stealth status 




06.07.2020 14:04


test2.pk4 (5,318 bytes)


06.07.2020 14:21

administrator   ~0012645

This was broken by related issue 0003063.

The increase of "number of times seen" is delayed until AI goes through some preliminary phase of CombatState ("reactipn").
However, civilians don't get through this phase: instead, they quickly switch to fleeing. But the number is not increased when they do so...


06.07.2020 14:40

administrator   ~0012646

I would say the whole chunk of code starting with "if ( enemyEnt->IsType(idPlayer::Type) && !m_ignorePlayer)" in idAI::UpdateEnemyPosition should be extracted into separate method. Then this method can be called from CombatState::Think when ignorePlayer is cleared.


29.01.2022 16:34

administrator   ~0014697

According to 0005888, touching a calm guard in the full dark does not count either.
Perhaps for the same reason: when being touched, he does not go through any reaction...

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