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0001422The Dark ModPhysicspublic03.06.2011 03:59
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Summary0001422: Arrows can stick in arrows sticking in AI
DescriptionIf you fire an arrow into an AI such that it gets added to the AF, other arrows can then get stuck to that arrow (but it doesn't go beyond that). Probably because I'm setting CONTENTS_CORPSE on stuff that gets added to the AF.
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12.10.2010 18:53

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If Arnold's corpse has an arrow sticking out of it, the arrow is considered part of Arnold as far as collision detection is concerned. An incoming arrow that hits Arnold's arrow is told that it hit Arnold, and is stopped in midair. Arrow 2 gets bound to Arnold, but not at a joint (because Arrow 1 has no joints?). So if you drag Arnold around, the 2nd arrow follows, but no longer looks like it's sticking into arrow 1. To make matters worse, you can retrieve Arrow 1 from Arnold's corpse, leaving Arrow 2 hanging in midair.

The fix is probably going to involve Arrow 2 NOT being told that it hit Arnold when it hits Arrow 1. Not sure how to do that yet. If the collision can be ignored, Arrow 2 will continue on to hit something else. If the collision can't be ignored, then Plan B is to make Arrow 2 disappear w/o sticking it into Arrow 1.



21.10.2010 01:37

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Source changes:

1. In, changed 'wood' to 'surftype15/description "hardwood"' for both models/weapons/broadhead and models/weapons/arrow_gen so arrows hitting arrow flinders would break rather than stick.
2. Changed source code in DarkModGlobals.cpp and game_local.cpp to support the new type as a "hard" type.


1. Fired arrows into a corpse and verified that arrows fired at those arrows broke apart with a wood sound.
2. Fired arrows into a moveable and verified that the arrows were treated as blocking when the moveable moved (i.e. a door and a tripod crate).
3. Verified that arrows stuck in wood could be retrieved.
4. Fired arrows such that they might block a moveable (door) and verified that they did not.


The arrow that kills an AI and remains embedded in the AI's corpse will not stop (or break) an incoming arrow. The incoming arrow continues on.
So arrows hitting the killing arrow (which has become part of the corpse) behave differently than subsequent arrows fired into the corpse.
I think we can live with this.

File changes:

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