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0001746The Dark ModPhysicspublic18.02.2019 21:22
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Summary0001746: Climbing physics should use crouched player bounding box
DescriptionImagine you're wall-climbing and want to get around some obstacle at your side. A person could pull their legs up into a crouch to better get around stuff, or get thru sideways openings, but we can't, because climbing physics uses the standing bounding box and slides around this straight-legged player, bumping into obstacles.

Imagine you're on a rope above an AI who's trying to hit you with a sword. You would probably bring your legs up, shrinking to crouch-sized while on the rope. Our current rope-climbing physics model doesn't do this, you stay standing straight up and down while on the rope, making it easy for AI pretty far below to hit your legs. This threw me at first, I couldn't figure out why the AI was hitting me when I was far above them, until I realized that my legs were assumed to be hanging straight down.

Also, imagine you're climbing along a rope and want to step off the rope into an opening you can only fit in while crouched. You can't, because you're always standing on the rope. You can still mantle off of the rope and into the opening though, so it's not that big a deal.
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Mortem Desino

Mortem Desino

08.04.2009 18:45

developer   ~0002421

This could also solve the problem of where rope attachment is too high because of the tall bounding box.

So for climbing, would a bounding box around the torso be appropriate? The only problem I forsee is detaching from the rope when you climb down and touch the floor.

Another way might be to put the player state into a crouch for climbing.


19.05.2009 18:04

manager   ~0002478

This is a lot more difficult to handle than I'd thought, and introduces a load of problems... possibly a post-1.0 feature.

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