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0004247The Dark ModAnimationpublic05.01.2019 19:45
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004247: Using the crouch key when climbing a ladder or a pipe
DescriptionWhen climbing in crouch mode and part way up press the crouch key
The crouch icon changes and the player stands up and the light gem changes
However when in standing up mode and pressing crouch the crouch icon changes but the player doesn't crouch down and the light gem doesn't change to reflect the crouched position
I would have assumed that the crouch/standing action would move the players body relative to his feet and this happens when standing up but not when going back to crouch
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related to 0001746 confirmed Climbing physics should use crouched player bounding box 



28.03.2018 09:41




01.01.2019 22:47

developer   ~0011211

-When I attach to the ladder crouched, I climb slowly and the lightgem is darker.
-If I then stand-up, I climb faster and the lightgem is brighter.
-Going back to crouch again only changes the crouch indicator, but climb speed and lightgem remains unaffected.

According to the code, the player is supposed to climb ladders standing up, which is pretty realistic. But what should happen when the player attaches to a ladder crouched? Automatically making him stand-up could make him visible to AI, so this is a no-go. Applying the crouched modifier while climbing leads to the observed inconsistency, though. So, what should we do? I suggest to remove the limitation that player must only climb standing up. It is not THAT unrealistic to imagine someone climbing a ladder crouched and it doesn't look and feel like a bug anymore.

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