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0000018The Dark ModCodingpublic22.08.2021 15:49
ReporterSneaksieDave Assigned Togreebo  
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Summary0000018: Doorknob angles can be broken

I thought maybe this was fixed when the AI-door interactions fixes were put in place, but it seems it remains. The rotation angles of a doorknob can still be broken. I assume, since this once happened with doors and was ultimately fixed, that the same fix can be applied to knobs? Maybe a simple reset is missing?

It might take a few tries, but try jamming a chair under a doorknob with it in closed, opened, or halfway state. Sooner or later, you should succeed at breaking the handle's angles, and it will forever operate at some non-square angle to the walls and floor.
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related to 0000683 closedgreebo Door handles rotate further and further when AI use doors 




27.05.2008 11:48

reporter   ~0001207

If this is still an issue, it may be somewhat related to 0000683 (which relates to AI screwing up door handles in this manner), in that it's potentially possible that both these issues could be fixed simultaneously.


29.05.2008 19:11

administrator   ~0001210

Resolved along with issue 0000683.


31.05.2008 23:32

reporter   ~0001212

I'm going to mark this closed, as I have not succeeded at breaking the knob angles, even by getting a chair jammed under it or on it. That said, I did have one very troubling circumstance where a door stopped working after jamming it with a chair, even after the chair was removed. So far, I have not reproduced this.

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0005713: Merge pull request 0000018 from illwieckz/patchdef

PatchDefExporter: do not write trailing white space after shader name
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0000018, 0005713
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