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0001860The Dark ModAIpublic30.06.2014 21:00
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Summary0001860: AI sometimes don't attack
DescriptionPossible dupe, and related:

Being re-discussed (I'm sure it's talked about elsewhere too) here:

Basically when AI go alert, but do not take out their weapons and instead just run into you, pushing you around and preventing you from going where you'd like to go! While working on the stealth trainer portion, I'm having this happen with builder guards frequently, though in the past I've also seen it for citywatch. Shouldn't be hard to repro.
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related to 0001697 closedgrayman AI errors when alerted by melee damage 
related to 0002085 closedgrayman Player rushes at AI with attack held down, AI forgets to draw sword, melees ineffectively with empty hands 




27.11.2010 13:21

reporter   ~0003346

Does this still happen? We haven't had any reports since v1.00 about issues with AI not being able to attack or attack bare-handed.


11.12.2010 00:57

administrator   ~0003381

I've seen it on rare occasions, but it isn't frequent.

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