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0002246The Dark ModAIpublic10.02.2024 22:27
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Product VersionTDM 1.02 
Summary0002246: Continuing interrupted conversations
DescriptionEnhancement Request ...

Conversations can be aborted if one or more of the actors raises his alert level. For example, 2 actors could be relaying critical information, and if one of them says something like "What was that?" in response to player movement, the conversation is aborted.

A more natural response would be:

talk talk talk ...
[player moves, alerting an actor and pausing the conversation]
"What was that?"
silence for a moment
"Oh I guess it was the wind."
[resume conversation]
talk talk talk ...
Steps To ReproduceI can provide a test map with a conversation if it's needed.


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08.06.2010 12:57

viewer   ~0003046

Of course, if the player is seen and the actors go after him, aborting the conversation makes sense. It's just the low-level alerts that should lead to resuming a conversation. Preventing the actors from chasing the player around is the mapper's responsibility if the conversation is important.


05.04.2011 01:20

administrator   ~0003792

I think we need a conversation spawnarg that tells AI to ignore alerts of a certain level, with a default of 2 (so anything that wouldn't cause searching would be ignored).
Mortem Desino

Mortem Desino

07.04.2011 03:32

reporter   ~0003796

Guard 1: "Oh, man! I was totally banging this chick last night! She was all, COME OUT OF THE SHADOWS, YOU!"
Guard 2: "Seriously? I got in the mood last night and told my wife SHOW YOURSELF OVER THERE!"
Guard 1: Oh man! This girl was all, like, DID I JUST SEE SOMETHING MOVE?"

I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. I'll go hide in a corner now...


07.04.2011 06:04

viewer   ~0003797

Someone's been smokin' the wacky tabaccy.

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