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0002266The Dark ModCodingpublic29.01.2021 04:18
Reportergrayman Assigned Tostgatilov  
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PlatformWin32OSWindowsOS VersionXP
Product VersionTDM 1.02 
Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0002266: target_endlevel causes a TDM crash
DescriptionPersistent data across maps isn't implemented yet, but I've been doing some prep work for when that day comes.

I can use target_endlevel to switch back and forth between two maps.

I noticed that if I have an AI in the first map and kill it, TDM crashes as it's loading the second map. I've tried this with a lanternbot and with a City Guard.

If I leave the AI alive, the switch to the second map works fine.
Steps To ReproduceBuild the 2 included maps, switch1 and switch2. Place the *.script files in the map directory with the maps.

Start switch1. The guard in the map is on Team 0, so he won't react to you.

Frob the door. You'll successfully switch to switch2.

Turn around and frob the door in switch2. You'll travel back to switch1.

This time, kill the guard any way you like. A fire arrow from across the room is quick.

Frob the door.

TDM crashes. Enough time passes before the crash to make it look like it's brought switch1 down and is bringing up switch2.
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duplicate of 0005065 resolvedcabalistic target_endlevel causes a crash 
related to 0000322 new Loading zones 




16.06.2010 21:52

administrator (5,564 bytes)


05.03.2011 22:33

updater   ~0003703

One test might be a script to remove all AI just before switching. Another might be to wait a few seconds/minutes (?) after the death before switching in case something is still functioning but not completed. Not a solution but might throw some light on this.

PS I don't see how to get the attached zip.


05.03.2011 23:49

administrator   ~0003704

Once greebo has campaigns working, I'll come back to this one, because his making sure persistence works might just fix this one.

If I click on "" it's downloaded. What happens when you try that?


06.03.2011 04:27

updater   ~0003706

I see the attached files line now. I couldn't find it before. :( As you say, let's leave this for now.


15.09.2017 05:22

developer   ~0009255

2.06: Crash is fixed but the AI is resurrected when you return to the original room.

This is probably obsolete anyway?


15.09.2017 13:24

administrator   ~0009256

I doubt that it's obsolete, which implies that no one will use it.

I'll retest when I get some time.


16.09.2017 02:04

administrator   ~0009258

The guard is resurrected _and_ if you took the loot bottle from switch1, it's back on the floor again when you return.

It's behaving as if the savegame info between missions is getting corrupted, and returning to switch1 tosses it and restarts the map from the beginning.


15.05.2020 03:48

developer   ~0012517

This crashes in 2.08.


30.12.2020 03:22

developer   ~0013316

Same in 2.09


30.12.2020 05:44

developer   ~0013317

This was moved from game/EndLevel.cpp to game/Target.cpp

Thus far, I cannot find it's sub-components:

void Draw();
    // the endLevel will be responsible for drawing the entire screen
    // when it is active

    void PlayerCommand( int buttons );
    // when an endlevel is active, plauer buttons get sent here instead
    // of doing anything to the player, which will allow moving to
    // the next level

    const char *ExitCommand();
    // the game will check this each frame, and return it to the
    // session when there is something to give


30.12.2020 13:37

developer   ~0013319

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gdb shows that the game is looking in the wrong director for proc files?

Map: switch2
idRenderWorldLocal::InitFromMap: maps/switch2.proc not found
TODO: Sys_SetClipboardData
ERROR:Couldn't load maps/switch2

I will try moving it and see if it gets further...


Moving the maps from maps/grayman/ to /maps/ restores the 2.06 behavior. No crash but returning to map 1 brings the AI back to life.

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