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0000322The Dark ModFeature proposalpublic23.10.2017 23:20
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Summary0000322: Loading zones
DescriptionTo make the request official:

Basically, the ability to go back and forth between properly linked levels, as in TDS.

Would certainly be a very useful thing to have, and from some discussion on the board, it sounds quite possible to do.

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related to 0002266 new target_endlevel causes a TDM crash 




02.10.2017 12:19

developer   ~0009376

You can switch the map using the script:

sys.sessionCommand("map ...")

or an idTargetSessionCommand. Haven't tested the latter, though.


02.10.2017 12:35

developer   ~0009378

Cool find!

Does it keep game states persistent though?


02.10.2017 15:05

developer   ~0009379

Also, we'd want a way to specify the player's location after transition back and forth. Maybe is a starting point... and look like a fancier implementation (and presumably a lot more work).


03.10.2017 11:09

developer   ~0009380

Quote: "Does it keep game states persistent though?"

I don't know for sure, as I haven't tested it. But as Doom 3 used them it is likely the case. In addition, we have persistent args that could be used. I'll test it during the week.


23.10.2017 23:20

developer   ~0009524

No idea how portable their implementation might be, but if anyone fancies a rummage:

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