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0002297The Dark ModGraphicspublic27.05.2018 16:45
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Product VersionTDM 1.03 
Summary0002297: Sidedness of material sticks to skin
DescriptionIt seems a two-sided texture on a model prevents a skin to be one-sided, and vice-versa.

Not sure if this is even fixable in our code. Discussion here:
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related to 0002678 closedSteveL nodraw skinned surfaces are still active for collision detection 
related to 0004802 assignednbohr1more Nodraw surfaces in models remain invisible when given a visible texture via skin. 




22.08.2010 11:31

developer   ~0003175

It might be fixable in code with the new ModelGenerator.

* If you apply a one-sided skin to a formerly-two-sided skinned model, remove every second surface.
* If you apply a two-sided skin to a formerly-one-sided skinned model, add the back surfaces again.

That needs to happen upon setting the skin, although in the case the model is loaded and the entity skin is set right away, it would be better if f.i. the backsided polygons weren't even created only to be removed for a one-sided skin again.


26.10.2010 16:01

developer   ~0003274

From reading the code comments and the code, the same happens with shadows. Surfaces that are set to noshadow in a skin would still have the shadow, as the shadow hull is not rebuild.


12.10.2015 16:24

developer   ~0007861

So that's the reason for


26.03.2016 21:34

developer   ~0008057

N.B. Whenever this gets fixed, somebody will have to make sure existing skins are also fixed where necessary. I was wondering why atdm:moveable_loot_gold_sugarcup and atdm:moveable_loot_gold_creamer have invisible insides in DR but not in TDM, and the answer seems to be that several skins used by models/darkmod/kitchen/sugar_silver.ase and models/darkmod/kitchen/creamer_silver.ase replace a two-sided material with a one-sided one.

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