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0002698The Dark ModCodingpublic19.06.2011 10:32
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Product VersionTDM 1.05 
Target VersionTDM 1.07Fixed in VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0002698: Slim down strings/english.lang
DescriptionThe file contains about 90% stings that are only used for Doom3 maps, OTOH it misses quite a lot of our GU strings.

This makes translating TDM unnec. hard, as translaters would need to translate needless strings, and still have untranslated strings in the GUI.

Proposal is to strip out any thing used in D3 maps, and then add the missing hard-coded strings from our GUI to it.
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child of 0002779 confirmed Translate the menu and HUD into different languages 




19.06.2011 09:17

reporter   ~0003880

From the 5400 D3 strings, we have now about 380 left (not all of them used). However, a lot of our GUIs and defs do not yet use these strings, so we need additional work to change the GUI files to use more strings.


19.06.2011 10:32

reporter   ~0003882

Fruther removal of strings that were only used by original D3 GUIs left us with about 300 entries. Now we need to only add the missing strings and their translations.

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