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0002758The Dark ModGUIpublic26.10.2020 23:06
Reporterjacobalbano Assigned To 
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version10.04
Product VersionTDM 1.05 
Target VersionTDM 2.09 
Summary0002758: Arms detach from body on pause
DescriptionWhen pausing the game while an arrow is drawn, the player's arms detach from the camera for as long as the attack key is held down.
Steps To ReproduceSelect any arrow
Begin attack
Without releasing the attack key, open the pause menu
Still holding the attack key, press the pause button again to close the menu
Move the player around.
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related to 0002509 new blackjack idle 
related to 0005001 resolvedstgatilov Glitch with sword renders weapons unusable 




15.12.2018 19:57

developer   ~0010938

Unable to reproduce:

1) There is no pause menu button other than escape (ESC) to menu
2) Escaping to menu with the weapon held at attack does not produce this issue when returning
3) The closest function we have to pause it g_stopTime and it does not cause the arm to become detached.

The only thing even close to this issue in current builds is issue 2509


15.12.2018 20:17

reporter   ~0010939

Last edited: 15.12.2018 20:38

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With all due respect, unless this has been fixed in a version that has yet to be released, it's *not* "fixed". See below for a video that I just recorded minutes ago, on the most recent version of TDM.



15.12.2018 20:29

reporter   ~0010940

This also happens with melee weapons:

The only difference here is that your weapon is permanently locked a backswing and you can't even switch to another item.

> There is no pause menu button other than escape (ESC) to menu

This is the button I was referring to, yes.

Was there any attempt made to reproduce this or was it simply deemed unlikely to be valid?


15.12.2018 20:58

administrator   ~0010941

Haha! That's pretty funny.

greebo apparently was able to reproduce it originally, but he never fixed it.

Since then, it got covered over by the sands of time.

I reproduced it in the SVN version.

I don't know if I can fix it in 2.07, but if not, I'll put it on the 2.08 TODO list.


16.12.2018 02:25

developer   ~0010942

Thanks for the video.
It took a little fiddling but I can now reproduce this issue as well.


13.05.2020 04:53

developer   ~0012501

This still happens in 2.08 but I cannot reproduce the "locked" melee issue.

I can release the un-tethered sword-arm and everything returns to normal.

Can anyone reproduce the "lock" issue?


14.05.2020 19:40

developer   ~0012515

Shall I move this to 2.09?


15.05.2020 09:09

administrator   ~0012518

I have no time to look at this, so please move to 2.09.


26.10.2020 23:06

administrator   ~0012837

Removing myself as "Assigned To" because I doubt I will ever have time to work on it.

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