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0002783The Dark ModCodingpublic23.06.2011 18:53
Reportertels Assigned Totels  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 1.06 
Target VersionTDM 1.07Fixed in VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0002783: Support translated HUD (weapon names, inventory groups), shopitems, messages etc.
DescriptionThe code that shows the weapons on the HUD, as well as the code that displays items in the shop does not load translated strings for "#str_12345", instead it shows the raw "#str_12345" string. This needs a call to

common->GetLanguageDict()->GetString( stringhere );

in between.
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child of 0002779 confirmed Translate the menu and HUD into different languages 




20.06.2011 17:08

reporter   ~0003888

Translation of shop items and their description has been added with revision 0004896.


20.06.2011 17:35

reporter   ~0003890

Translation of objectives works now with revision 0004897.


20.06.2011 19:30

reporter   ~0003891

"Game Saved" is now translated on the HUD, too.

Also found that our code does around line 529 in game/game_local.cpp:

const char *szLang = cvarSystem->GetCVarString( "sys_lang" );
 renderSystem->RegisterFont( va( "fonts/%s/%s", szLang, "an" ), font_an );
 renderSystem->RegisterFont( va( "fonts/%s/%s", szLang, "bank" ), font_bank );
 renderSystem->RegisterFont( va( "fonts/%s/%s", szLang, "micro" ), font_micro );

We might implement a fall-back to English here.


23.06.2011 14:05

reporter   ~0003899

Weapon names on the HUD, item names upon pickup, location names as well as "Corpse" and "Body" on things you shoulder are now translateable.


23.06.2011 18:53

reporter   ~0003900

Cycling through categories with translated names (via to key bind), using items with names like '#str_01234" work now, as well as a few other small things like GUI message boxes.

So the code side is now complete, unless we find some more untranslated strings. But in this case these things are easily fixed.

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