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0002811The Dark ModCodingpublic06.08.2011 17:46
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Product VersionTDM 1.06 
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Summary0002811: Font loading does not fall back to English
DescriptionWhen D3 loads a German, Italian, Spanish or English font, it always uses fonts/english. For other languages, it uses "fonts/$language/", e.g. "fonts/polish". The same goes for "dds/fonts/...".

Apart from the strange distinction between these languages and "other" languages, the loader does not fall back to the English font. This means that for any additional language, we need to copy the font files and the textures, which wastes resources in case the font is actually the same.

Once D3 goes open source, this should be fixed.
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06.08.2011 17:45

reporter   ~0003977

This is fixed as a side-effect of fixing 0002817 - the new I18N manager can simply set "sys_lang" to english for any non-supported language, which means D3 loads the english (western) font, but still uses the modified-on-the-fly dictionary for proper translation.

A bit hacky, but it works :)

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