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0002843The Dark ModCodingpublic06.06.2024 00:06
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Product VersionTDM 1.06 
Summary0002843: Support for language-dependend image or sound assets
DescriptionOne point left for FM specific translations are non-text-based assets, like GUI images, or sound shaders for conversations with voices.

These need to be support in a way so that you can have:

* gui/assets/my_map.tga (english)
* gui/assets/italian/my_map.tga (italian)
* gui/assets/german/my_map.tga (german)

etc. and the GUI displays the proper version depending on the language. The same goes for loading screens, in-game textures (street signs), or other assets, even sounds.
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29.12.2011 20:21

reporter   ~0004215

At least for image files this can already be accomplished by writing different material shaders, and pointing the GUI windowDef's background to something like "#str_12345", and then define in the dictionary which material shader should be used for which language.

If the same technique works for sounds played, then this bug report can be closed as "already works".

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