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0003015The Dark ModCodingpublic15.05.2013 15:26
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Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Summary0003015: Add support for characters 0x7f - 0x9f in fonts
DescriptionCurrently the characters are not usable because D3 either does not load them, or does not render them (unclear what is the cause).

We need these characters since there are still a couple special characters missing for European languages:
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child of 0002779 confirmed Translate the menu and HUD into different languages 




26.02.2012 11:47

reporter   ~0004358

Right now this is not nec, as it works for languages who have their special characters in their charset (like Polish in ISO 8859-2), and get them remapped to 0x79 .. 0x9F during loading the dictionary.

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