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0003353The Dark ModSaving/Loadingpublic01.05.2013 23:40
ReporterHis Satanic Majesty Assigned Tograyman  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS VersionXP SP3
Product VersionTDM 1.07 
Target VersionTDM 2.00Fixed in VersionTDM 2.00 
Summary0003353: Crashing Upon Approaching Mine(s) With Lockpicks Drawn To Disarm
DescriptionI'm filing this under "Saving/Loading" because grayman, from his initial tests with the attached quicksave, believes it to be a problem with the quicksave.

"SVN TDM does exhibit the problem. It must have something to do with the savegame not saving properly. If I quicksave, then approach the mine, I can disarm it. If I reload the game and approach the mine again, it crashes."

The manifest problem is as in the Summary: a consistent crashing when approaching the mines to disarm the one real and live one.
Steps To Reproduce1. Load up the quicksave (attached here).
2. Approach them there mines.
3. Git yer lockpicks out to disarm the dangurned thing(s) (only one is really really real it turns out)
4. Crash.
Additional InformationWell the .rar file is apparently just slightly too big for this here bugtracker ... so I'll put this link instead:
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01.05.2013 23:40

administrator   ~0005350

When working on issue 0002478, I applied the save/restore of the mine’s lock to idGuidedProjectile instead of idProjectile. The lock wasn’t getting saved/restored properly, causing the crash.

Moved save/restore code to the correct locations.

Rev. 5747:


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