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0000035DarkRadiantRendererpublic09.03.2023 17:57
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Product Version0.9.0 
Summary0000035: Renderer performance is slow
DescriptionFor large maps (i.e. level-sized rather than testmaps), the Lighting render mode has very low FPS, takes too long to activate and uses up too much memory (causes swappage on a 1GB machine).
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parent of 0002649 closedgreebo Eliminate slow dynamic_casts from front end render pass 
parent of 0002653 closedgreebo Convert math classes from double back to float 
related to 0000061 confirmedorbweaver Choice of model render modes 




15.04.2007 17:56

developer   ~0000579

Display Lists implemented for model objects, possibly provides some performance improvement.


18.04.2007 17:49

developer   ~0000581

Assigning to myself; I will take overall responsibility for this but it is obviously a large issue that everybody can contribute to.

Next up: Implement DLs for AI models (these are separate from static models), and look at VBOs for patches.


17.06.2007 13:33

developer   ~0000701

DLs for MD5 models now implemented.


22.02.2011 15:11

administrator   ~0003639

Just for the record: I implemented the use of VBOs for patches a while back but there was no noticeable performance increase to observe. I assume that for better performance the overall strategy needs to be changed towards removing draw calls. Right now each patch/brush is submitting its own (often very few) vertices - combining those might be a worthwile improvement. I figured the Octree cells could function as some sort of container for that, such that all brush geometry using the same shader in the same Octree cell of a certain size is combined.


26.06.2016 14:31

administrator   ~0008231

Will close this as it's very generic. Specific problems or suggestions can go to separate tracker entries.

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DarkRadiant: master b89843f8

09.03.2023 17:57


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Merge pull request 0000035 from illwieckz/include-utility

Include utility in EntityClass.cpp
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