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0000061DarkRadiantRendererpublic18.01.2022 20:12
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Summary0000061: Choice of model render modes

Not really 'renderer' category, probably, but you get the idea.

DoomEd offers an apparently broken (either that or I just don't get it) choice of how to view models in the iso views. For instance, as wire mesh, or simple bounding box. I'm viewing a top down iso view of a room with 35 or so AI in it in DoomEd and it's very slow - about 8 FPS. In DR, it's unusable - 0.5 FPS. So in DR this feature becomes even more essential.

Basically the idea would be that the user can choose to have AI (or any complex model maybe?) as the wireframe (default) or as the bounding box. Maybe a button to toggle the value for speedy convenient usage, or even better, when the entity is selected, it shows the wireframe (showing the bbox when not selected). I guess another option would be to do rudimentary LOD, like the grid does as you zoom out. Only for ents, as you zoom out, models over a certain poly threshhold (or all, if that's too taxing) become bounding boxes only. Why does someone need to see meshes comprising 250,000 polys, especially when they're zoomed out? Just no need for it, and it makes it unusable. See attached image - that's a reasonable scene and a reasonable zoom level, and I have 0.5 FPS.
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related to 0000035 closed Renderer performance is slow 




27.01.2007 09:59

developer   ~0000022

A very good idea, and another step towards improved renderer performance.

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