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0003729The Dark ModDef / Setuppublic18.05.2014 14:05
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Product VersionTDM 2.02 
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Summary0003729: St. Lucia alarm
Description for the record, changing it to sprS was causing alarms not to propogate AT ALL, outside of St. Lucia. There must be something else going on in St. Lucia that causes an alarm independently of the sprS sound.

Although turning it back to sprGS has recreated the problem again of alerting every AI in the map

Somehow the alarm was still working even when it was sprS...are there two alarms triggered or something?
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18.05.2014 00:21

administrator   ~0006609

The alarm entity may be incorrect. There are two spawnargs:

sprS_propagate alarm


snd_propagate alarm_mild

Changing alarm_mild to a volume of "1" did not change AI behaviour, so I assume that line is not being used. Need to run the same test on "alarm" when I get back.


18.05.2014 00:24

administrator   ~0006610

Interesting. When I change "alarm" to a value of 1, many AI still went to a Level 4 alert (not as many though) but they did not run to the spot, as they should with an alarm.

This suggests that something else is sending them to a lvl 4 alert when the statue is destroyed.


18.05.2014 12:24

administrator   ~0006611

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Ok, there's a separate "sprGS_stone_impact_heavy" being triggered, with a volume of 80.

This spawnarg appears to be incorrect: snd_propagate alarm_mild

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