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0003772The Dark ModPhysicspublic22.12.2018 09:50
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Product VersionTDM 2.02 
Summary0003772: Buoyancy Problems
DescriptionIt looks like moveables that float lose their buoyancy when they touch the bottom of the water. Physics might be getting turned off. Buoyancy should lift these objects off the bottom and allow them to rise to the water surface.

Test with the three crate sizes.

Also find out why bodies no longer float. Supposedly they did, at one time.
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related to 0002100 closed Floating things in water, grabbed by swimming player go flying 
related to 0001010 closed Physics bug when taking moveables out of water 
related to 0004872 new Fix Moveable Water Physics 




09.07.2014 18:26

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Obs says:

If someone looks into this it may be worth checking some other things:

1 - Sinking speed should depend on the area of the object. Objects with bigger areas should sink slower.

2 - There is definitely a need for some sort of damping. Objects tend to swing very long (if not infinitely) if they are swimming in the water and an object stands on them.

Btw: When trying to implement weight depending trap systems, using water was the approach that took me most close to it. Issue two above caused it to be not overwhelmingly useful, though, so I did not investigate this approach more closely. However, it leads me to the assumption that the code used for liquid / floating behavior could serve as a foundation for weight depending traps / switches or whatever. (A good example for this is the puzzle in thief one in the haunted city, where you have to put debris on one of the pedestals so it sinks down enough to unlock a door, don't know if you guys can remember this, though).


28.03.2018 10:53


@Gman, did this ever get looked at..?


28.03.2018 12:35

administrator   ~0010256

Not by me.


28.03.2018 15:16


Ok, will check and close if the issue is no longer present.


22.12.2018 09:50


Haven't checked this since my last note.

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