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0004872The Dark ModPhysicspublic07.08.2018 15:53
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OSWindowsOS Version7 
Product VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004872: Fix Moveable Water Physics
DescriptionMoveable items, the ones with mass low enough to float rather than sink in water, behave erratically when frobbed while underwater, or even plain floating on the water's surface. The moveable will launch in a random direction with a strong force, sometimes damaging the player. Sometimes the frob-grab will not be cleared, even though the moveable has moved quite a ways away from the player.

ATM this bug prevents any sort of puzzle where a player needs to manipulate floating objects in water to get to a location.
Steps To ReproducePlace a moveable that floats in a map with water. atdm:moveable_package_medium and atdm:moveable_crate01 are both good candidates.

Either grab and drop the moveable in the water or start with it already in the water.

Frob the moveable while it is in the water. You don't have to be in the water yourself. More often than not (though not always!) the moveable will launch with a high force in a random direction.
Additional InformationDuring the 2.06 beta test I specifically tested against 2.05 to see if this was 2.06 specific - it was not. The same thing happened in 2.05.
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has duplicate 0002100 closed Floating things in water, grabbed by swimming player go flying 




25.07.2018 21:59

reporter   ~0010729

Seemingly a duplicate of 2100, which was posted by tels in 2010.

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