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0003806The Dark ModAIpublic15.09.2014 19:33
ReporterSpringheel Assigned ToSteveL  
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Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Target VersionTDM 2.03Fixed in VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0003806: Make sure turn animation overrides idles
Descriptionright now if AI are in the middle of an idle animation while turning, their legs just spin on the spot instead of playing the turn animation.
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related to 0003850 new AI turn speed is wrong 




17.08.2014 01:11

administrator   ~0006855

Not sure from the thread...did you already deal with this Steve?


20.08.2014 16:32

developer   ~0006860

Erm... no I didn't. I'm trying to remember what it was I did do. I remember making a video. I think I demo'd that legs could be synced with torso in the game scripts but without actually changing anything. Anyway, I'll take a look at it when I'm done with the occluder proof of concept--hopefully soon!


22.08.2014 17:01

administrator   ~0006867

Here's the correct link to the thread:


09.09.2014 20:21

developer   ~0006972

There are 3 issues mentioned by Arcturus in the thread -- this one, plus:
2: turn anim doesn't play on torso
3: anim turn rate is too fast for the current anim

I'll take (3) back to the thread for discussion after fixing this, but I wonder if (2) should be fixed with this one? Should the same rules apply, i.e. that a turn anim should override idle anims on both legs and torso? For example, we wouldn't want the turn anim to override purposeful anims like sword-drawing, but it should override idle anims like knee-scratching or nose-picking.


09.09.2014 21:42

administrator   ~0006973

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Is it possible/reasonable to allow an idle to finish -before- the AI turns? I'm imagining that interrupting some idles might look a bit odd.



09.09.2014 21:57

developer   ~0006974

I guess I could make the scripts do that but I'd have to ask you and grayman to think about the consequences :) I don't know anything about the AI state system. Would it have to be dependent on alert level, for example?


10.09.2014 03:45

administrator   ~0006975

Maybe we need a discussion topic on the issue; I'm too fuzzy to think it through just now.


12.09.2014 18:58

developer   ~0006983

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Proposed fix following discussion:
== Idle wait states (custom idles) override turns by delaying the turn, which happens after the idle finishes. Shouldn't affect critical moments like combat or chasing as idles won't be playing anyway.
== Turn anims only get to play therefore when the AI is standing still and not playing a custom idle, so it's safe to play them on the torso too.
== Random custom idle anims that arise during a turn are suppressed.



13.09.2014 09:53

developer   ~0006986

Patch is ready for this, but waiting on a decision whether we need new torch-carrier versions of the turn animations first.


14.09.2014 20:38

developer   ~0007000

Committed rv6101 (code), rv13993(script, game dll)



15.09.2014 06:25

developer   ~0007005

Reopening tracker and rolled back commit while I check out an error report. grayman has supplied a test map where fighting AI stop moving, which was fixed by removing the changes.


15.09.2014 19:33

developer   ~0007010

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Commit attempt # 2 at rv6014 (code), rv13995 (binaries, script).

Legs anim state no longer overrides anything on the torso. Torso is independently responsible for syncing itself to the legs anim state if it's idle and detects a turn.

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