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0003850The Dark ModScript/Defpublic15.02.2017 04:39
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Product VersionTDM 2.02 
Summary0003850: AI turn speed is wrong
DescriptionThe current turn speed is too fast for a relaxed AI, and the turn animation that plays when a relaxed AI turns was set up for half the speed. It causes the AI to slide instead of step.
Additional InformationFull details and videos in this post and the following ones by Arcturus:
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related to 0003806 resolvedSteveL Make sure turn animation overrides idles 




04.12.2014 20:35

reporter   ~0007201

Turn rate is set by spawnarg "turn_rate" in the def for atdm:ai_humanoid

Turning is controlled by tdm_ai_base.script, functions Legs_turnLeft and Legs_TurnRight.

Those functions already choose a different turn anim depending whether the AI is in combat or not. We could apply a different turn speed too, if we add a "turn_speed_combat" "180" spawnarg, and change "turn_speed" to "59".


04.12.2014 22:56

reporter   ~0007202

Committed at rev 14113

tdm_ai_base.def (new spawnarg)
tdm_ai_humanoid.def (human settings)


05.12.2014 08:13

reporter   ~0007205

Reopened to check whether any non humanoid ai have different turn speeds set, and if so either give them a turn_rate_combat too, or simply delete the new spawnarg from tdm_ai_base, and leave it as a property of humanoids only. The first is better, but either would work. The AI script will fall back on the old turn_rate in combat if there's no turn_rate_combat spawnarg.


05.12.2014 18:52

reporter   ~0007207

Last edited: 05.12.2014 18:53

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I've added "turn_rate_combat" as a property to all AI that specify a turn_rate:


There's only 1 published map that has an AI with a tweaked turn rate: One Step Too Far, and the AI in question is called "Cutscene_Skeleton" which makes me hope there's no chance that it will get into a fight and need its combat turn rate reducing to match its slow tweaked turn_rate. I've pinged Dragofer to ask.

At rev: 14118



05.12.2014 20:41

reporter   ~0007210

Reopened due to side-effects:


06.12.2014 10:23

reporter   ~0007215

Moved to 2.04 because it'll need a game code solution not just a script amendment. If the scripts fiddle with turn rate, they can't put it back again reliably. And the game needs to control turn rate while the ai is moving.

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