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0003857The Dark ModAIpublic15.10.2017 23:15
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Summary0003857: Is better AI search cooperation possible?
DescriptionWhen an AI reacts to an alert and starts searching, he does so independently of what other AI are doing.

When lots of AI respond to the same search, there is a bit of cooperation that occurs when the first AI creates a list of hiding spots to be searched, and subsequent AI take subsets of that list for their own use. But an observer's impression is that the search ends up being unorganized, chaotic, and redundant.

It would be more realistic if the AI were prevented from overlapping their search areas, and some took on different roles, for example guarding nearby escape routes.

I don't know to what extent any of this is possible, given the current architecture, but it's worth investigating.
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has duplicate 0002883 closedgrayman Searching AI should coordinate their efforts 
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