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0003913The Dark ModAnimationpublic30.12.2020 21:42
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0003913: SetRate frame command
This frame command is listed in the wiki twice:

"Sets the anim rate, used for speeding up/slowing down walking and crouchwalking animations to get correct footstep sounds. "

" If the animation itself has a setRate frame command (which accomplishes the same effect as [anim_rate]) in the modelDef where it's defined, then the frame command will override this spawnarg."

It does not appear to work, however. Adding it to an animation causes the catch-all "no joint found" error.

This frame command would be much more convenient than the anim_rate spawnarg, since it could be used on particular parts of the animation, rather than the whole. For example, the animation where the character leans against the wall could have the middle slowed down so he leans longer or short periods.
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related to 0000540 new Add entity scriptfunctions for getting/setting animation rates 
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03.10.2015 15:30

reporter   ~0007837

@Springheel Do you still have an animation where you attempted this? I've never set one up so that would save me a lot of prep work figuring out how to do it.


30.12.2020 21:42

developer   ~0013322




else if (token == "setRate" )
        if( !src.ReadTokenOnLine( &token ) )
            DM_LOG(LC_MISC, LT_ERROR)LOGSTRING("ANIMRATE: Did not find rate, exiting\r");
            return "Unexpected end of line";

        fc.type = FC_SETRATE;
        fc.string = new idStr( token );

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