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0000540The Dark ModCodingpublic09.07.2022 18:48
Reportercrispy Assigned ToObsttorte  
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Product VersionTDM 2.10 
Target VersionTDM 2.11Fixed in VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0000540: Add entity scriptfunctions for getting/setting animation rates
DescriptionIndividual animations played by an entity can be sped up or slowed down by an arbitrary factor by setting the anim_rate_[animname] spawnarg. See for details.

The values of these spawnargs are cached at runtime for performance reasons, so changing the spawnargs directly at runtime won't do anything. It would be nice to be able to access and change these cached values.

The most obvious way of enabling this is to create scriptfunctions for getting and setting the animation rates for each animation.
Additional InformationIf the getter is called with an animation name for which an animation rate is not cached, then return the default of 1.0 (meaning no change; play the animation as it appears in the file).

There are a number of use cases for this; for example, it could be used to make fine adjustments to the AI's walking/running speed rather than abruptly transitioning from "slow" to "fast" over the course of a few frames. If we decide we want that.
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related to 0003913 feedback SetRate frame command 




01.09.2016 19:16

developer   ~0008293

getTurnRate() exists so perhaps this is mostly implemented.

As of 2.03 is has been reported that "anim_rate_x" args aren't functioning as expected.


01.09.2016 21:10

developer   ~0008295

Last edited: 01.09.2016 21:10

Probably AI.h:

ID_INLINE float GetAnimRate() { return m_animRates; }
ID_INLINE void SetAnimRate(float newAnimRate) { m_animRates = newAnimRate; }



01.09.2016 21:15

developer   ~0008296

and AI_events.cpp

const idEventDef AI_SetAnimRate( "setAnimRate", EventArgs(), 'f', "Gets the animation rate of the AI.");
const idEventDef AI_SetAnimRate( "setAnimRate", EventArgs('f', "rate", ""), EV_RETURNS_VOID, "Set the animation rate of the AI");


30.12.2020 21:25

developer   ~0013321

Yep, m_animRates is an Entity property in Entity.h should work as expected.


31.12.2020 03:39

developer   ~0013324

Hmm... Seems to be a bit bigger task than just copying GetTurnRate.

Probably need to add an animRate property to AI.


27.06.2022 08:08

developer   ~0014929

got it to work basically
need to make a few adjustments


28.06.2022 09:28

developer   ~0014931

Three script functions were added to idActor with rev. 9968:

float getAnimRate(int channel, string animName)
get the speed for the animation called animName for the respective channel, returns -1 if none-existent

float setAnimRate(int channel, string animName, float rate)
sets the speed for the animation on the channel to rate. Returns 1 if successful, otherwise -1. Negative rates are not allowed, but they can be 0.

string getAnimList(int channel)
lists all animation names for the respective channel, useful to get the names needed for the above two functions.

channel is usually one of the following


02.07.2022 14:39

administrator   ~0014943

1) Why does setAnimRate returns 1 or -1?
Isn't usually bool value 1 for true and 0 for false? The same holds for scripts.

2) How can getAnimList be useful?
It returns a single string, how can script do anything with it?
Are there some parsing functions for scripting language?

3) How is "animator" different from "GetAnimatorForChannel(channel)" ?
   You use both interchangeably...


02.07.2022 14:50

developer   ~0014946

1.) I wanted it to be consistent with getAnimRate, which can return zero (anim on hold). As it is explicitely stated in the description and the return value will most probably not be needed anyways I don't see an issue here, even if it is non-standard.

2.) I added that for getting the necessary information that I needed to work on this issue. I thought it might be useful for mappers, too. It is not intented to be used on the fly but to receive the informations needed for the mapper to do the manipulations he wants to make. So it should be used during the creation of a FM, not in the released version.

3.) The GetAnim functions in getAnimRate and setAnimRate perform null-pointer checks. In getAnimList I needed to add it myself, hence the reference. The different channels can have different amounts of animations. I don't know whether it is really necessary, but it doesn't hurt.

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