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0003992The Dark ModAIpublic04.10.2017 13:33
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Target VersionTDM 2.04Fixed in VersionTDM 2.04 
Summary0003992: Dropped weapons should not be ignored by AI
DescriptionWeapons found by AI are checked for 'friendliness'. If they belonged to a friend, they're ignored and the AI isn't alerted.

It should be the opposite: if my friend's weapon is on the floor, I should search around for my friend.

This will mean players need to hide not only a body, but any weapons dropped by the body.
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related to 0002917 closedgrayman AI alerted by objects they drop 




18.09.2015 15:32

viewer   ~0007788

1 – Gave weapons a visual stim so they could alert passing AI. This is disabled at map start, otherwise all weapons would be stimming all AI. When the weapon is dropped by an AI, the stim is enabled.

2 – Allow dropped weapons to be seen if there’s no body nearby (KO’ed or dead), and no other weapons nearby. This lets the player hide the dropped weapon on a table of other weapons w/o raising suspicion. The other weapons can be func_statics with weapon models; they don’t have to be useable weapons. (Anything from the models/darkmod/weapons/ folder.) If the body is moved elsewhere, or the table cleared of everything but the dropped weapon, the dropped weapon is by itself and will alert nearby AI.

3 – A weapon in the player’s grabber won’t alert nearby AI. If they can see the weapon, they can see the player, and they’ll go after the player anyway, so ignoring the weapon is okay.

4 – If a dropped weapon causes an alert, and AI mount a search, if the weapon is moved elsewhere later, it can cause another search. All weapons look the same, unlike bodies.

5 – If a dropped weapon causes a search, and is picked up and dropped in the same place, it won’t cause another search.

6 – Lowered the alert ranking of dropped weapons from 35 to 24, per Springheel’s request.

Rev. 6538:


Rev. 14387:



18.09.2015 18:50

reporter   ~0007789

Can it distinguish weapons dropped by AI from other weapon models? So, avoiding the situation that two swords from KO'd AI could make one another invisible.


18.09.2015 20:01

viewer   ~0007790

Yes, it can distinguish.

However, a single weapon by itself is suspicious. Two or more shouldn't be. Bring it up on the thread if you want folks to discuss.


07.11.2015 08:32

reporter   ~0007888

Will AI be alertered by weapons that are dropped by their enemies, e.g. a monster they both fight?

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