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0004064The Dark ModAnimationpublic11.02.2024 21:17
ReporterSteveL Assigned To 
PrioritynormalSeveritynormalReproducibilityhave not tried
Status newResolutionopen 
Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Summary0004064: Checklist of minor anim issues for 2.04
DescriptionWe plan an overhaul of the anim system in 2.04 to resolve conflicts between the different control systems, This tracker is for bugs and potential issues spotted with the current setup, so we can make sure they are covered.
Additional Information1: AI can still turn/swivel on the spot without moving their legs if they begin a custom idle at a path wait and the path wait expires just after they begin the anim. That's because turning is not prohibited when the AI's AI_FORWARD (walking) flag is set, and that flag gets set to true when the path wait expires and the following path corner task kicks in, even though he doesn't begin moving forwards till the custom idle finishes.

2: AI in conversations can swivel on the spot instead of playing a turn animation. Conversation command "turn towards the entity X" doesn't trigger a turn animation.


related to 0002707 closedgrayman Movestack changes in the fix for 0002706 should be added to the elevator handling and interaction tasks 
related to 0004140 new Ai head butting during combat 




07.02.2015 15:11

reporter   ~0007410

3: AI can still turn/swivel on the spot without moving their legs while playing a pickpocket animation.


30.12.2015 15:30

reporter   ~0007937

The animation system overhaul isn't going to happen in 2.04. Bumping to 2.05


17.09.2017 20:44

developer   ~0009278

Moved to 2.07


18.02.2019 21:21

developer   ~0011619

Reminder sent to: grayman

Is this still an issue?


18.02.2019 21:55

viewer   ~0011621

I assume so, since no one has made any changes in this area since SteveL originally filed the issue.

He had planned to do the investigation and rework of the anim system, but he left before he could start.

I don't plan to do anything for this.


19.02.2019 06:42

developer   ~0011622

OK, thanks for the clarification. I did not intend to assign this task to you, I just knew you could answer this question.

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