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0004288The Dark ModGUIpublic27.12.2018 03:55
ReporterSteveLAssigned To 
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Product VersionTDM 2.03 
Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in Version 
Summary0004288: Minimizing TDM
DescriptionTry out method from Agent jones

Also check CropRenderSize error
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related to 0004190 resolvedcabalistic A patch to allow alt-tabbing under Linux 
related to 0003568 resolvedduzenko fullscreen windowed option 
parent of 0004724 assignednbohr1more Investigate "borderless windowed" screen mode 
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14.04.2016 17:23

developer   ~0008098

Posted to the forum:
I've tried out Agent Jones' fix and it works pretty well. It can be unresponsive while the game is loading a map -- it can take a few seconds -- but that's because it relies on internal game code to minimize the game window when it detects that the window is no longer active. Still a massive improvement on having to use the task manager.
I've not been able to reproduce the CropRenderSize error though. I've tried loading several maps while switching in and out, and I've tried leaving TDM in the background to complete the load. No errors yet. I'd like to plug that gap before committing it. Has anyone found a reliable way to make the game crash using the script in the OP?


22.11.2016 18:45

developer   ~0008534

Duzenko's 0003568 patch appears to achieve the desired result. Moving to 2.06 for further refinement


12.12.2017 08:28

developer   ~0009764

Moved to 2.07 as low-priority


27.12.2018 03:54

developer   ~0011144

Most sub issues are complete.

Remaining concerns moved to 2.08

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