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0004724The Dark ModGraphicspublic14.11.2020 13:47
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Target VersionTDM 2.08Fixed in VersionTDM 2.08 
Summary0004724: Investigate "borderless windowed" screen mode
DescriptionUPDATE: Many games have three modes today:
1) Windowed
2) Borderless Windows/Fullscreen
3) Fullscreen
Reopened the issue in order to implement these.

Please read also:

Most of modern games have such a screen mode, when:
1. The game plays in a window.
2. The window has no GUI elements (no border).
3. The window exactly covers the whole screen.
Such a mode is very convenient, particularly because it allows easy alt-tabbing at any moment.
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duplicate of 0003568 resolvedduzenko fullscreen windowed option 
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03.01.2018 15:50

developer   ~0009969

I think this is how it is now on Windows.


03.01.2018 15:55

developer   ~0009971

Last edited: 03.01.2018 15:56

Yes, 3568 seems to have made this the default behavior in Windows unless I'm misunderstanding the specifications.

To have Linux feature parity, we need 4190 merged.



03.01.2018 17:46

administrator   ~0009973

Last edited: 03.01.2018 17:47

Ok, I think it should be discussed in forum...
I don't understand resolutions and fullscreen in TDM any more.

It seems that fullscreen mode is simply broken now on Windows: there is no way to enable fullscreen. When I set lower resolution with fullscreen on, TDM just takes a fraction of the screen, which is surely not how fullscreen should work.
And yes: if resolution in TDM matches screen resolution, and fullscreen is on, then it is actually the "borderless windowed" mode I described, and not fullscreen mode.



03.01.2018 18:20

developer   ~0009974

The behavior differs depending on whether r_useFBO is enabled.

r_useFBO seems to sorta force native resolution without scaling the game resolution but alt-enter in and out of Windowless seems to cure it.

Similar problems were initially reported with Windows 8 DPI scaling but now the DPI scaling workarounds no longer seem to work.

May be related to 4402


19.12.2018 12:45

administrator   ~0010970

Moving to here (by nbohr1more):

Rev 15464 Trunk

Proposed Fullscreen solution applied

r_fullscreen = 0 corresponds to fullscreen = No (GUI)
r_fullscreen = 1 corresponds to fullscreen = Yes (GUI)
r_fullscreen = 2 corresponds to fullscreen = FSW (GUI) (Fullscreen Windowed)

Having "true" exclusive fullscreen ( r_fullscreen 1 ) feels much smoother and has less mouse input lag.


22.11.2019 12:39

administrator   ~0011873

The last update on this matter was done in svn rev 8403.

Right now there are three modes: windowed, fullscreen, and borderless.
Borderless differs from fullscreen very slightly: height of the TDM window is two pixels larger than height of the screen, so OS (at least Windows 10) treats it like any other window. This allows doing all types of switches (Alt+Tab, Win+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Enter, Win, etc.) instantaneously without any blinking.
When fullscreen/borderless mode is enabled, the resolution chosen by player is completely ignored. I guess we should somehow gray it out.


22.11.2019 13:27

administrator   ~0011874

One more minor fix in svn rev 8416: now the resolution and aspect ratio shown in menu are updated when player switches to fullscreen.

Better Linux implementation is wanted here:
1) Linux side does not do anything special for borderless mode.
2) When player sets non-native resolution and fullscreen mode, then after reboot Linux implementation actually switches desktop resolution to the set values, while Windows implementation drops user resolution and uses the native one.
I hope this difference is not critical, so I'll mark the issue as resolved.


14.11.2020 13:47

administrator   ~0012931

It turned out that the borderless mode was not working at the moment it was implemented.
Because just after the code which supports it the height was reverted back if FBO is enabled.
At least, it is not working for me right now.

Anyway, fixed it in svn rev 8979.

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