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0004292The Dark ModCodingpublic01.12.2016 21:08
ReporterSpooks Assigned Tonbohr1more  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.04 
Target VersionTDM 2.05Fixed in VersionTDM 2.05 
Summary0004292: "nospecular" light entity argument does not work
DescriptionIn the example map I've provided you have 3 lights and 2 bobbing boxes, each textured with a custom material that has an extra shiny specular for demonstration purposes.

The red light skips specular.
The green light skips diffuse.
The blue light skips specular, diffuse and casts no shadows.

In practice, the lights skip neither specular, nor diffuse, no matter the combination or the scene complexity. (diffuse and bump have been moved to another tracker).
Steps To ReproduceMake a light, check off disable specular in Light Properties, put next to a surface and observe in game. Always reproducible on my system.
Additional InformationThis is happening when compiling from DR 2.0.3 x64 on Windows 7. Toggling enhanced ambient or the advanced interaction on/off does not change the results of my tests. This map does not have an ambient_world light and putting one in shouldn't change the results. The lights do not have a custom texture set.
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related to 0004367 assignednbohr1more nodiffuse and nobump Light Entity args do not work 
related to 0003684 new Investigate GPL Renderer Improvements 




04.03.2016 23:12

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10.04.2016 11:19

reporter   ~0008072

Bump. This got moved from the DR section. Has anyone tried the test map? I want to establish whether or not this is reproducible. If it is, there's several places where these spawnargs may be failing: the engine does not respect them, something in the material isn't set right, or it's shader-side.


11.04.2016 19:22

reporter   ~0008089

Your .map file has the correct "nospecular" etc spawnargs set, so this is a TDM problem not a DR problem.

I'm surprised no-one has reported this before, but I guess these spawnargs are little used in real maps. Even ambient lights have some specular in our lighting model.


12.04.2016 22:39

reporter   ~0008097

Ah, it's nice I'm not just going crazy. Use case scenarios for lights without specular would be where you want an ambient look, but also want to use light_center to point your light in a direction. Lights with the AmbientLight keyword don't have directionality through light_center, not to mention they don't cast shadows. This is how I came across this bug.

A nodiffuse light could be used to fake Fresnel highlights I suppose, but it's hard to figure out without testing it first and seeing how it looks.


24.08.2016 21:46

developer   ~0008281

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As I recall, there is a minimal hardcoded specular level in the light shader but the engine shouldn't be passing the specular texture if nospecular is set.

One thing I notice is that UpdateLightDef (in RenderWorld.cpp ) doesn't have any nospecular criteria whereas it has other attribute criteria:

    if ( light ) {
        // if the shape of the light stays the same, we don't need to dump
        // any of our derived data, because shader parms are calculated every frame
        if ( rlight->axis == light->parms.axis && rlight->end == light->parms.end &&
             rlight->lightCenter == light->parms.lightCenter && rlight->lightRadius == light->parms.lightRadius &&
             rlight->noShadows == light->parms.noShadows && rlight->origin == light->parms.origin &&
             rlight->parallel == light->parms.parallel && rlight->pointLight == light->parms.pointLight &&
             rlight->right == light->parms.right && rlight->start == light->parms.start &&
             rlight->target == light-> && rlight->up == light->parms.up &&
             rlight->shader == light->lightShader && rlight->prelightModel == light->parms.prelightModel ) {
            justUpdate = true;
        } else {
            // if we are updating shadows, the prelight model is no longer valid
            light->lightHasMoved = true;
R_FreeLightDefDerivedData( light );

Edit: Adding noSpecular to the above has no effect on this bug...



24.08.2016 22:06

developer   ~0008282

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    // Serp - This check is more expensive than just making extra calls, I am not sure if the calls might result in
    // things which should not be lit, being lit. Welp, we'll see.

Reverting this does not cure the issue.



25.08.2016 05:55

developer   ~0008283

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That's all I can think of before looking into branches for the ARB bind.

program.env[1] is already being used in the shader to determine whether substitute specular should be created...

so I would need to create another new program.env variable if I were to go that route.



31.08.2016 05:07

developer   ~0008288

Fix for nospecular in tr_render.cpp:

                    // ignore stage that fails the condition
                    if ( !surfaceRegs[ surfaceStage->conditionRegister ] ) {
                    // nbohr1more: 0004292 nospecular and nodiffuse fix
                    else if ( backEnd.vLight->lightDef->parms.noSpecular ) {
                    else if ( inter.specularImage ) {
                        RB_SubmittInteraction( &inter, DrawInteraction );
                    R_SetDrawInteraction( surfaceStage, surfaceRegs, &inter.specularImage,
                                            inter.specularMatrix, inter.specularColor.ToFloatPtr() );
                    inter.specularColor[0] *= lightColor[0];
                    inter.specularColor[1] *= lightColor[1];
                    inter.specularColor[2] *= lightColor[2];
                    inter.specularColor[3] *= lightColor[3];
                    inter.vertexColor = surfaceStage->vertexColor;

nodiffuse and nobump will be much larger tasks.


31.08.2016 05:30

developer   ~0008289

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