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0004367The Dark ModCodingpublic01.12.2016 21:09
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Product VersionTDM 2.04 
Summary0004367: nodiffuse and nobump Light Entity args do not work
DescriptionBroken form tracker 4292

nodiffuse and nobump Light Entity args do not work

It may be possible to get this working in tr_render.cpp
but it seems that Bump and Diffuse are tangled together in
material.cpp and the code to support these options is lacking
compared to the nearly complete nospecular setup.
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related to 0004292 resolvednbohr1more "nospecular" light entity argument does not work 
related to 0003684 new Investigate GPL Renderer Improvements 




31.08.2016 16:39

developer   ~0008290

Last edited: 31.08.2016 16:54

To get around possible wonky branching logic, just (logical-or) the failure against a known working failure condition:


if (!surfaceRegs[ surfaceStage->conditionRegister ] || backEnd.vLight->lightDef->parms.noDiffuse )




01.09.2016 12:57

developer   ~0008291

Last edited: 01.09.2016 13:44

This works on nospecular but "nobump and nodiffuse" still don't work using the same method.

I have a monstrous idea of duplicating the entire evaluation chain for each entity arg but that's probably not a good way forward.

The other option is to make a ton of alternate ARB shaders without these stages.
Not ideal...

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