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0004477The Dark ModSound Systempublic19.02.2019 06:29
Reporterkingsal Assigned ToSTiFU  
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Product VersionTDM 2.04 
Summary0004477: Player swimming sounds in 2.05
DescriptionHaving the hook-up for swimming sounds in the player .def would be awesome. I can provide some fresh sound work for 2.05 if needed.

For reference, Hexen Edge of Chaos mod has this integrated by what looks like attaching the function to the player's head while moving through water. This is exposed in the player.def as something like "player_swimming_head". I imagine tdm does similar.
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related to 0000695 closed Swim sounds -- some needed, some needing removing 
related to 0004992 feedback Add swim burst sounds for various speeds and especially for underwater 




04.02.2017 21:07

reporter   ~0008738

Grayman informed me that 2.05 is closed, so I suppose this would be a 2.06 thing :)

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