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0000695The Dark ModCodingpublic01.04.2020 08:12
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Summary0000695: Swim sounds -- some needed, some needing removing
DescriptionSee movie of lower sewers in saintlucia:

At first, surface swimming is done. No sounds are played, we probably need a gentle swim here (whether or not it should alert guards is a separate issue; maybe speed should factor here the same as walking).

Halfway through the vid, the player is lowered to "walk" on the ground. As such, water footstep sounds are played, even though the player is neck-deep.
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duplicate of 0004992 feedback Add swim burst sounds for various speeds and especially for underwater 
related to 0004477 closedSTiFU Player swimming sounds in 2.05 




31.07.2010 19:12

reporter   ~0003157

The splash-into-water-sound would be suited for swimming too, I think. At least until there is a better one available.

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