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0004484The Dark ModGraphicspublic17.11.2017 16:35
Reporternbohr1more Assigned Toduzenko  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product VersionTDM 2.05 
Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004484: Lightgem is visible in mirrors and some subviews
DescriptionIn previous TDM versions, the Lightgem render was below the viewport on the lower left corner of the screen. Some change appears to have moved it into the standard viewport in subviews

Steps To Reproduce1) Install "A House of Locked Secrets"
2) Open the console and invoke "map manor"
3) Noclip to the Necklace portal room and activate the portal event
4) Note that the Lightgem now renders in the lower left corner of the screen
Additional InformationI haven't dug into this but my suspicions are:

The "High-DPI scaling fix" moved the screen viewport and the Lightgem render
was moved too...

or the new PortalSky render method is leaving this image in the framebuffer

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14.02.2017 20:56

developer   ~0008747

That is a rather dark place - I can't see any mirrors here.
Can you point me please.


20.02.2017 05:51

developer   ~0008751

Please navigate close to a glowing crystal on the ground with noclip. You will see the lightgem rendered in the lower left corner.


21.02.2017 20:12

developer   ~0008752

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When I try to noclip below that area it crashes with out of memory for me :(
But players should not normally noclip anywhere?
I am confused because originally it was supposed to be about mirrors, not noclipping to void?
Also I am confused about " 3) ...activate the portal event" because I haven't played this map yet.



22.02.2017 04:14


hols_screens.rar (2,155,402 bytes)


22.02.2017 04:15


hols_save.rar (4,369,009 bytes)


22.02.2017 04:18

developer   ~0008754

hols_screens attachment has the replication sequence
hols_save is a savegame archive (replicated with the SVN build)

The issue is less pronounced in the SVN build. The lightgem only shows
if you are looking in the direction of the illuminated falling rock and the
portalsky view is black and unobstructed.

To more easily see it, I set tdm_lg_split 0 and tdm_lg_interleave 1


05.03.2017 07:05

developer   ~0008757

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Many thanks, your save helped a ton.
I expected this was caused by g_enableportalsky 2 but g_enableportalsky 1 changed nothing.
r_showstris 1 produces this: Please note that lightgem render is partially overwritten by map geometry here.
So I think the problem here is player is spawned in a place not fully surrounded by invisible black geometry.
I think we have two workarounds here:
1 - glClear after lightgems pixels are read to mem - quick and easy
2 - add geometry to this particular place in the map - harder but I like it more because (1) will invoke an extra OpenGL call in all other places in all maps. It's a small thing obviosly but we still need to fix the script for that map and I also noticed an "invalid token }" error in the loading log so we have to touch the map anyway.



22.05.2017 01:21

developer   ~0008873

Duzenko fixed this in revision 6907

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