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0004512The Dark ModGraphicspublic19.09.2017 03:58
Reporterduzenko Assigned Tonbohr1more  
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Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004512: Vegetation LOD needs testing
Description@duzenko has made changes in code related to alpha blending.
Apparently some of vegetation materials support fading out when further from player.
We need to test if that still works after the recent changes.
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related to 0004511 closedduzenko Bad display of certain foliage 




23.04.2017 17:09

developer   ~0008805

The current fading system uses a modifier against ShaderParm 3

This means that lit materials, use alpha-test (threshold) whereas unlit materials can use regular alpha.

Ideally, both fading types would be overridden by something that does a distance based (percentage) alpha-blend against _currentRender after rendering the model.

In theory, we could modify these grotesquely large materials shaders to accept alpha fading but ideally we wouldn't use that approach:


23.04.2017 17:13

developer   ~0008806

Does any map utilize this approach for me to test?


23.04.2017 17:21

developer   ~0008807

I'm fairly certain the Cattails LOD model in the outside forest in Alberic's Curse is using alpha-test with LOD fading.

Less certain, I think the vegetation outside in Builder Roads also uses alpha-test with LOD.


19.09.2017 03:57

developer   ~0009295

maps\test\ has the alpha fading entities and they still work.

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