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0004595The Dark ModTDM Updaterpublic16.11.2019 05:22
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Target VersionTDM 2.06Fixed in VersionTDM 2.06 
Summary0004595: Install VC++ redistributable in tdm_update
DescriptionSince now runtime (and MFC) are linked to TDM dynamically, it is necessary to deploy VC++ redistributable pack to players. Otherwise, TDM may crash on start on a virgin Windows machine.
Discussion here:
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14.12.2017 15:09

administrator   ~0009786

Who's doing what to include the key files?


14.12.2017 17:01

administrator   ~0009791

There is a hypothesis that we can simply add CRT dll-s to the package binaries. Given that TDM is not a security-critical application, this way may be easier to implement.
Otherwise someone has to patch tdm_update, so that it runs the vc_redist.exe which we have to somehow add to binaries anyway.


14.12.2017 20:03

administrator   ~0009798

Is it just these four, which NB mentioned in the thread?


If so, where do I find them, and is it as simple as copying them into the darkmod folder and committing and merging to 2.06?


15.12.2017 03:30

administrator   ~0009799

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I have checked our SVN version with procmon.

1. These are the DLLs that we surely need, according to both procmon and documentation:

2. This is the debug DLL that is needed by 64-bit build due to ill configuration (which must be corrected):

3. These are the CRT-related DLL-s that are also loaded according to procmon, but which are not to be distributed according to MSDN:
Among them, my Win7 virtual machine (without MSVC) has only msvcrt.dll, which is different anyway. Probably they are loaded by other CRT dll-s depending on Windows version, who knows. We can try to omit them.

Note that we have to provide two sets of same-named DLLs: one for 32-bit version, one for 64-bit version.

P.S. By the way, I assume that user is smart enough to install OpenGL (graphics card drivers) and DirectX (this one is maybe even bundled in modern Windows) himself.



15.12.2017 15:25

administrator   ~0009801

"Note that we have to provide two sets of same-named DLLs: one for 32-bit version, one for 64-bit version."

So how would a player use them? Deliver them like this:


and the player needs to drop them where? Into the darkmod folder, or into Windows/SysWOW64 and Windows/System32?


15.12.2017 15:36

administrator   ~0009802

Tell you what ...

Instead of me asking all these questions, why don't you set up what we need in the SVN darkmod folder, commit the files, and I'll take it from there.


15.12.2017 16:01

administrator   ~0009803

In the simplest case, the DLLs need to be in the directory of EXE file. So 32-bit DLLs must be near TheDarkMod.exe for it to work, and 64-bit DLLs must be near TheDarkModx64.exe for it to work. Notice the dilemma =(

Asking user to copy DLLs to system directory is not an option in my opinion.

Maybe patching tdm_update, so that it runs vc_redist.exe, is a better idea.


15.12.2017 16:14

administrator   ~0009804

I assume that the player will either run 32-bit or 64-bit, so he copies the correct set and he's done.

"Maybe patching tdm_update, so that it runs vc_redist.exe, is a better idea."

Can you handle that, or does taaaki need to do it?


15.12.2017 16:21

administrator   ~0009805

I'll try to add redistributable install to tdm_update.
I think I'll run it after update each time if at least something was downloaded (or maybe if EXE file was downloaded).


16.12.2017 04:12

administrator   ~0009807

Ok, the fact that msvcr120d.dll was used (p.2) was some random build issue. I have rebuilt everything from scratch, and now it is not loaded.


16.12.2017 13:38

administrator   ~0009808

Not loaded == not needed?


16.12.2017 14:31

administrator   ~0009809

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Committed tdm_update changes in SVN rev 7345, and added packages in SVN rev 15119.

In the new version, tdm_update tries to run vcredist packs at the end of PostUpdateCleanup phase. Note that there are two packages: one is 32-bit, the other one is 64-bit. The new code is excluded from all non-Windows builds.
1) tdm_update determines the bitness of Windows OS using GetSystemWow64Directory call. If it succeeds, then OS is 64-bit and both 32-bit and 64-bit packs must be installed. If the call fails, then OS is 32-bit and only 32-bit package is installed.
2) tdm_update checks if the package is already installed. This is done by looking at registry value SOFTWARE\Classes\Installer\Dependencies\{some_guid}.Version, according to If this registry key exists and has proper value, then redistributable pack is already installed and nothing has to be done.
3) tdm_update runs vcredist_x86.exe or/and vcredist_x64.exe from target directory (using CreateProcess). The installer is run with "/install /passive /norestart", where "/passive" means no user interaction. The installer needs admin rights, so it shows the UAC dialog, where publisher is displayed as "Microsoft Corporation", which should assure the user that it is OK to install it =) tdm_update waits for vcredist installer to complete, because running both 32-bit and 64-bit installers in parallel can cause issues.

As for the packages themselves, I have added them to SVN and to the manifest in \devel\manifests\base.txt. So they must be already in the target directory of user's machine by the time PostUpdateCleanup starts (given that you generate new package).

Note that:
1. If redistributable is already installed on user's machine, then admin rights are NOT necessary. But if it is not installed, then admin rights are needed to install it. If user rejects the UAC dialog, then he'll have to install DLLs himself (by running vcredist installers manually, or downloading the DLLs and putting them nearby).
2. The packages (vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe) are not deleted. They take about 13 MB of space together, and I hope it is not important.



16.12.2017 14:36

administrator   ~0009810

One problem I face now is that the code is hard to test.
It may work a bit differently depending on OS bitness, whether packages are already installed or not, working under user/admin. It is rather complicated to find a Windows machine without redist already installed...
I have tried to comment out the check for already installed redist, and verified that the installers are run properly then. I have a relatively virgin Win7 in a VM, I'll probably try to run tdm_update there.


16.12.2017 15:56

administrator   ~0009811

Last edited: 16.12.2017 15:56

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Tested on Win 7 32-bit: it installs redistributable pack properly.



31.12.2017 07:10

administrator   ~0009945

Two updates without complaints... I hope it works =)
In case of trouble, reopen the issue.

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