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0004623The Dark ModDesign/Codingpublic02.01.2023 15:08
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Summary0004623: Tweak the "Click when ready" screen rendered views order
DescriptionIn svn rev 7163 I had to insert some rather ugly looking crutches because of the way the "Click when ready" screen orders its view.
1. The "Click when ready" GUI
2. Player's 3D view (invisible)
3. Lightgem GUI, etc

With FBO on, I skip color buffer clear at the start of each frame because it has no effect and wastes valuable time on IGP's. However I also skip FBO clear, because the 3D stage (2) happens after the 2D (1).

Why render 3D view at all on this screen?
How to move "Click when ready" GUI view to happen in the end?
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25.06.2018 06:30

administrator   ~0010585

Duzenko, it is probably a good idea to blame the code for "ready" screen and ask the author. Although the most likely answer is "I don't remember" or "I did not even think about it".


11.12.2018 05:14

developer   ~0010871

Too close to 2.07 beta. Moving to 2.08


07.05.2020 15:03

developer   ~0012475

Moving to 2.09

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