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0005314The Dark ModGraphicspublic28.12.2021 04:06
Reporterwesp5 Assigned Tocabalistic  
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Product VersionTDM 2.08 
Target VersionTDM 2.11 
Summary0005314: While loading a game there are weird texts or graphics displayed in the first second
DescriptionThe summary says it all, I would guess the screen replays a cache of some earlier readable or similar. Again this could probably be hidden by setting everything to be completely black while loading.
Steps To ReproduceJust save and load a game.
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related to 0004623 new Tweak the "Click when ready" screen rendered views order 
related to 0005595 resolvedcabalistic Black screen temporarily shown while mission loading GUI is active 




05.12.2020 05:11

administrator   ~0013092

Last edited: 05.12.2020 05:12

Another problem is that player can run around for some more time after triggering load. With increased speed =)

I bumped into some code which is intended to freeze picture during map change or load process.
The entry point is idSessionLocal::StartWipe.
Basically, the current frame is captured to "_scratch" internal image.
Then the full-screen quad with material "wipeMaterial" is drawn on top of the window (idSessionLocal::DrawWipeModel).
Obviously, the material gets time parameter and can even do some fading (probably was used in Doom 3).

Right now the wipe material is simply missing, that's why player view continues to be shown.
In order to restore it, add this material to
       map _scratch
Unfortunately, it gets upside-down for some reason.
I guess some magic line about texcoords can fix it.

The reason for removal was probably "optimization" =(
When wipe starts, the whole game is paused for com_wipeSeconds = 1 seconds, after which the loading actually starts.
The wipe material remains until loading ends.
I think this pause time was used to fade from screenshot into load image in Doom 3.
Anyway, instead of removing the material, better set com_wipeSeconds to something like 0.1.

Unfortunately, wipe material is not enough to restore clean visual behavior of game load.
Some random pictures popup at the moment I hit "quickload" key.
I hope Cabalistic can look into it at some moment.


05.12.2020 05:38

developer   ~0013093

May be related to 0004623


12.09.2021 05:47

administrator   ~0014356

In svn rev 9589, I reduced com_wipeSeconds to 0.1.

This is discussed here:

By the way, I cannot reproduce the problem originally reported here.
But if I add wipe material, then I start seeing a glimpse of random letters when I start game from the menu (fullscreen),

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