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0004627The Dark ModSoundpublic04.10.2021 21:20
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Target VersionTDM 2.10Fixed in VersionTDM 2.10 
Summary0004627: Sound volume option is not respected
DescriptionIn the beginning of NHAT politics there is some narrative. It's full loud no matter what the current volume is.

By current volume I mean s_volume_DB.
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related to 0003395 resolvedgrayman Create/re-enable voice volume slider in main menu 




11.12.2017 22:14

administrator   ~0009762

Is this different in 2.06 than 2.05? If not, it should be moved to 2.07.

Chances are, it's because the mapper didn't set the speaker up the particular way needed to have it affected by that slider, since most mappers aren't aware of how to do it.


12.12.2017 12:58

viewer   ~0009767

s_volume_dB claims to be a "global volume scale", which sounds like it should affect all sounds.

It's controlled by the SFX slider in the Audio menu.

In 2.05, the narrative voice maintains its volume even if the SFX slider is set to zero.

At this point, I'm moving this to 2.07 because 2.05 and 2.06 behave the same way.

In my mind, sound is divided into two areas: ambient and everything else. This lets me turn down ambient sounds that are annoying (like music).

But we also have 'narrator' and 'player' voice sliders, and the sounds they control need to be set up a certain way by the mapper.

So NHAT needs to be examined to see how it's been set up.

Blah blah blah.



28.03.2018 08:46


I can fix this, what do I need to change in that speaker?


28.03.2018 08:46


see last note.


04.07.2018 13:57

administrator   ~0010640

I bet less than 2% of missions have sounds that are affected by the 'narrator' or 'player' sliders, because no one has any clue what the difference is. And to add plenty of confusion for non-mappers, neither slider affects the things you might assume it would--regular sounds the player makes (grunts, etc), or the narration during briefings. So mappers don't use them because they don't know what they do, and players don't use them because they don't appear to do anything.

Another example of a mess being made by someone who just implemented his idea without discussing it with anyone first.


04.07.2018 15:12

viewer   ~0010641

I asked what the difference was years ago and Tels gave some explanation.

I was still confused afterward. A narrator is the same as "internal thoughts" in my mind.

Shadowhide's Deceptive Shadows has a player voice that is so loud I had to stop playing the mission back in the day. At the time, I couldn't figure out how to soften it. I didn't look at the map to see how it was done. Maybe it's controlled by one of the sliders.

DS might serve as a good test vehicle for determining if these sliders are really necessary. Or at least give us a way to determine whether authors have used one slider or the other, and if there's a chance to delete one of them.


28.12.2018 05:19

developer   ~0011151

The sliders work if you remove:

"volume 40" from the sound shaders...

See here for the correct setup:

volume/ s_volume

    The volume is set in dB. Usually this means there is a maximum of 0 dB. The minimum is -60 dB which results in absoulute silence.

Edit (demagogue): I found a handy decibel calculator here:
that lets you compute the decibel number for relative loudness. According to it,
"0" is the native volume of the sound, "-60" is silence, "-4" is 3/4 (.75) of the volume,
"-10" is half (.5) the volume, "-17" is 0.3 of the volume, and it goes quickly down from there.
"3" is 1.25 the volume. "10" would be double (probably too loud).

    Up to a certain point the game allows the use of positive values as well, but be aware, as this is sensitive:

    To prevent clipping the engine has a mechanism that does not allow the volume to overdrive your sound hardware. For testing, it can be disabled via the s_clipVolumes cvar, but if it is active it will clip the volume for every output sound channel after all the other calculations are done -- this includes stereo panning, so once the volume setting is too high all the speakers (in your headphones, on your stereo) will play the sound at the same maximum volume. It gets virtually monofied, the player no longer is able to locate the sound.

    In general it is best to avoid setting the volume on an individual speaker unless strictly necessary, because it prevents future updates to the volume specified in the sound shader from taking effect in your map. It is preferable to set the volume correctly on the sound shader declaration itself (or request that the Dark Mod team do so, if it is a core asset supplied with the mod).


28.12.2018 05:36

developer   ~0011152

Tested with:

volume 10

(Max recommended value)

The slider still works but you need to go half way down to
hear any substantial effect.


Clamp volume to 8


28.12.2018 14:49

administrator   ~0011160

Which slider affects it?


28.12.2018 14:52

developer   ~0011161

Last edited: 28.12.2018 14:56


(As I recall from last nights testing...)

During the briefing, only the SFX slider seems to work.

In-game, the "Player Voice" slider is the one that controls the "quips".

Again, you'd need to edit the sound shaders to a value 10 or lower to see it working.
40 is apparently outrageously over-amplified.



30.12.2018 10:36

developer   ~0011192

Are we still looking into this or should we move this to 2.08?


13.05.2020 04:38

developer   ~0012499

Moving to 2.09

Workaround exists...


04.10.2021 02:43

developer   ~0014393

Last edited: 04.10.2021 21:20

Rev 9620 clamp to 1.5 ( Max volume is supposed to be 1.0 )

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